List of speakers

Lectures                                                        (4 overview courses 3x1h each)               

Albert-László Barabási (CEU)           Introduction and overview to Network science

Kae Nemoto (NII Tokyo)                     Quantum Communication, cryptography, repeaters …

Yasser Omar (Univ. Lisbon)               Complex Quantum Networks

Jens Eisert (FU Berlin)                          Many body systems/error correction/entanglement


Additional Lectures                             (5 lectures 1h, concentrating on one theme)

Baruch Barzel (Bar Ilan)                      Classical network dynamics

Hans Briegel (Innsbruck)                   Quantum-Agents, self-learning

Marcus Huber (Univ. Vienna)            Entanglement witnesses

Vladimir Buzek (Bratislava) *            Open Quantum Systems


Experimental methods:                    (8 talks 45 min, concentrating on one theme)

Michael Trupke (TU-Wien)                Quantum Node (NV centers)

Edward Laird (Oxford) *                       MW-Optical conversion (Oxford contribution)

Ian Walmsley (Oxford) *                      Quantum Network Hub – realization

Tracy Northup (Innsbruck)                 Ion trap quantum node – cavity-QED

Philip Walther (Univ. Vienna) *          Integrated photonics

Arno Rauschenbeutel (TU-Wien)    Nano-photonics

Simon Gröblacher (Delft)                     Nano mechanics based MW-optical conversion

Neereja Sundaresan (Princeton)      Networks of superconducting resonators

* to be confirmed