CEU Budapest Team

The CEU Budapest team is led by Prof. A-L. Barabasi (CEU, Northeastern, Harvard), with world-leading expertise in network science. Dr. I. Kovacs (Northeastern, Wigner) adds expertise on quantum and biological networks. Our group has had several fundamental contributions to the study of complex networks, like the discovery of scale-free networks as well as network robustness to failures. More recently the group helped uncover the fundamental issues of network control and observability. Prof. Barabasi made seminal contributions to the statistical physics of complex networks and their applications to biology. Dr Kovacs has developed highly scalable, graph theoretic methods to analyse the phase transition and quantum entanglement in disordered quantum spin models with arbitrary network topology.
For more Information on the Group visit: https://people.ceu.edu/unit/cns  and barabasi.com