Vienna Team

The VIENNA team has expertise in building integrated quantum systems including AtomChips, ultra-cold quantum gases, atomic ensembles, spin ensembles and quantum memory. We pioneered the study of quantum many body systems out of equilibrium and established long sought after fundamental concepts like pre-thermalization and the Generalized Gibbs ensemble in experiment. Earlier research included Quantum Teleportation and quantum repeater nodes using collective spin states in atomic ensembles. Recently with the NII group we developed a concept for a quantum node based on electron and nuclear spins in the NV centre in diamond, a key component for a prototypical quantum network. We have all tools, including a scalable array of independently tuneable optical micro-cavities, to build a small QuNet in our laboratory. We bring in close collaborations with experts in many body physics (E. Demler) and quantum field theories (J. Berges), and have collaboratively developed methods to assess and reconstruct complex many body states (quantum field tomography) (J. Eisert).
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