Programme: 11th June – Monday

13h30 – Registration

Invited speakers:
14h15 – Tutorial: Introduction to Complex Quantum Networks, Y. Omar
14h55 – From Complex Networks to Tensor Networks: a journey through Network Geometry with Flavor. G. Bianconi
15h25 – Quantum Bits and Classical Hardware for Large-scale Quantum Networks, M. Trupke
15h55 – Towards a Network Stack for Quantum Networks, S. Wehner

16h25 – Coffee break, Poster session

​Contributed talks (15 mins including Q+A):
​16h45 – Implementing simple quantum networks with present day quantum technology, J. Schmiedmayer
17h00 – Reconfigurable Optical Implementation of Quantum Complex Networks, V. Parigi
17h15 – A Network Model of Transport through Quantum Antidots, A. N. Poteshman
17h30 – Environmental Engineering for Quantum Energy Transport, C. Uchiyama
17h45 – Quantum Walks on Scale-free Networks, J. Biamonte
18h00 – Quantum Link Prediction in Complex Networks, J. Moutinho
18h15 – Quantum Network Routing and Local Complementation, F. Hahn
18h30 – Quantum Interference in Quantum Networks, A. Briggs

​18h45 – End of Satellite